Compassion Focussed Therapy

Compassion Focussed Therapy (CFT) is a way of understanding how our body and brain, thoughts, emotions and behaviours work together to influence our daily experiences. When we are depressed, anxious, ashamed, or just coping with all that life has given us, it can be hard to stop and notice how we are feeling. CFT helps us to stop, notice our feelings, and understand them in relation to how our mind and body works.

From our knowledge of evolution of the brain, we know we have three socio-biological systems.

-Drive (Wanting, pursuing, achieving)
-Threat (Protecting, reacting to potential danger)
-Soothing (closeness to others, seeking and giving care)

CFT helps us to find a balance between these systems.

With CFT you can expect to learn about how your brain works in relation to your emotions, learn to notice the patterns of behaviour you have developed over time, and develop ways of maintaining more balance between the systems. The therapist will share a range of evidence based approaches such as mindfulness, interventions to increase self compassion (its hard not to beat ourselves up about our difficulties), and getting balance in our bodily responses to stress. CFT can be integrated with a range of other established therapies.


CFT is offered by Dr Sophie Payne and Dr Paulina Gonzalez Salas Duhne who you can find out more about via our meet the team page.