Mental health professional

Mental health professionals can be invaluable in helping you to identify what matters to you and offering practical and emotional support. They can help you to understand about mental stress or illness and more importantly how to move towards mental and physical wellness. They can help you to pinpoint what your current issues are, what you would like to be different and to develop a road map to how to make the changes you want. This may also involve building your skills and confidence in a wide variety of areas in order to reach your goals.

When choosing who to seek support from, look for someone who is experienced and assess what other training they have. Mental health professionals often have worked in a specialist areas such as addictions, children and families, eating disorders and you may find someone who is really experienced in the particular area you are having trouble in life with.

Think about the transferable skills they may have, for example someone who has worked in addictions will be good for anyone who is feeling stuck as they work with people who often feel trapped in their addiction. They will also have a lot of experience in health related problems as well as mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, as this often accompanies addiction.

The time with any professional you see needs to feel safe and trusting. You should feel that your best interests always come first and there should be right balance of support and challenge to help you move forward. It is important to always be honest with any health professional as this is your time and it is so important that your needs are met. If you don’t understand why an approach is taken or you are not sure if it will be useful then talk this over with them. In doing this it will help you, as you are be more likely to take action if understand why a certain approach is taken or an approach may be changed if it is not right.

Some mental health professions also have additional qualifications in coaching or health coaching. These can be powerful approaches in supporting you to make changes in life or your physical or mental health.

There is also some great evidence based information on the NHS website related to stress, well-being, mental health, getting back into exercise etc.