Schema Therapy

If you’ve been struggling with the same problem for a while, or if you intellectually understand what’s wrong but are struggling to make lasting change, Schema Therapy may be able to help.

Schema Therapy is an integrative model - it brings together elements from cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT, attachment, and object relation theories, with Gestalt and experiential therapies. Schema Therapy is explicitly concerned with understanding the development of psychological difficulties, and not only the factors that maintain them. The focus in therapy is on providing corrective emotional experiences that facilitate deeper level ‘core’ emotional growth and change. To achieve this, Schema Therapy uses powerful experiential techniques (such as imagery rescripting and chair work) alongside cognitive and behavioural methods to change unhelpful cognitive, emotional, relational, and behavioural patterns.

The length of therapy depends on your goals, the nature of the difficulties that you would like to work on and how much energy you can devote to therapy goals in between sessions. At the end of the assessment phase (around 2-4 sessions) your therapist will be able to advise you regarding the likely number of sessions that will be needed or agree with you an initial block of therapy after which you will both review progress.

To get more of an idea about Schema Therapy, and whether it might be right for you, we highly recommend the book Reinventing Your Life by Jeffrey Young and Janet Klosko.

Schema Therapy is offered by Dr Helen Lewis.

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