Service Outcomes


How do you know whether or not the therapy you choose will be helpful for you? Research has shown that therapy is often effective in reducing distress, but everyone and every service differs.

In keeping with good practice, we evaluate all therapeutic work to monitor and improve therapy quality. We invite people to complete self report questionnaires about their mood. These are standardised questionnaires used by health professionals in the NHS to assess distress, therapy outcome and the relative performance of services. Measures are completed before, during and after therapy so that clients and the therapist can reflect on and discuss changes made to promote safe and effective therapy. We use these psychometric tests to measure client outcomes so we can evaluate client improvement and development.

Client Satisfaction

From September 2020 we have been asking clients who returned their surveys to rate their experience as a whole with Taylored Psychology out of 5 stars. 100% of respondents rated us 5 stars (3 respondents).

All clients who come for an initial consultation and/or therapy are sent anonymous satisfaction questionnaires via Survey Monkey 1 month after their last therapy session. From April 2019-January 2021 139 clients were invited to reply with a 15% (21 people) response rate. The following are the results.

Service OutcomesService OutcomesService OutcomesService Outcomes

Service Outcomes

Service Outcomes

Follow the links below for client feedback responses from 2014: